Our Twitter Bot Helps Your Business

Twitter is a website and social media extravaganza that lets people keep in touch with many more people than they ever could before. There are lots of things to do in Twitter and our bot will help you save time with them so you can get back to doing more important things for your business. If your business is lacking a Twitter page, there isn’t a lot of work you have to put in to make your page successful.

Social Media and You

twitter youtube facebook tumblrSocial media is one of the most popular aspects of today’s world. People want to keep in touch with everyone they possibly can, but needed a way to do so. Sites like Myspace and Facebook led the way for the social media bandwagon and many other sites began jumping on over time. Today, there are lots of sites that people often check which can greatly benefit your business like Tumblr, Youtube, and of course Twitter. Because people are on these sites so much, this gives you a great opportunity to get your name out there and to gather new followers. If your business could use a little boost, then utilizing social media is a great way to acquire that boost. Even if your business is faring perfectly well without it, using these sites will still greatly increase your sales and income.

Using Twitter

use my twitter bot for your businessTwitter seems like a silly idea when you first hear of it, but it has turned into the craze of the country and indeed, the entire world. The primary function of Twitter is to tweet your thoughts whenever you feel necessary. All of those who follow you will be able to see this tweet and will retweet you if they like it! You can get followers just by asking people to follow your page. Once you get enough of these followers, you should tweet every so often to keep them updated on what is going on with your business. You can take this time to advertise your sales or special offers so that you can get as many sales as possible. The bottom line is that all successful businesses simply need a Twitter account to keep their heads above water.

My Twitter Bot

twitter bird artAs you can imagine, automating some of these aspects of Twitter can be a godsend for the technologically impaired. One of the coolest features about this bot is that it can request all of the followers of a certain page so that you can get the upper hand. One would usually have to individually request each Twitter account if they wanted to do this regularly. But my Twitter bot makes it super easy. You can also send direct messages to people with ease using out Twitter bot. One of the most useful features is the multi tweet feature. Instead of logging on at periodic intervals throughout the day and tweeting, you can make all of your posts in the morning and have the bot spread them out for you! This will save you a lot of time if your business is still living in the stone age. Trust me, any small business needs a Twitter account and would greatly benefit from one of our bots.

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